What kind of photography do you do?

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One of the questions I dread most about my work is "What kind of photography do you do? I know one is supposed to have a 25 word or less reply to a question like this, or else be able to say landscapes or flowers or weddings or portraits or travel or, or , or. But when I try that I either have to discount much of what I do or use uncommunicative esoteric terms that prompt a Shakespearean quotation.

At first I often said my work was travel based, and much of my work is stimulated by my travels and certainly works as "travel photography", but that does not tell the whole story.

Then I would say that my images were all about light, shadow, & form; which is really just simple vocabulary for expressionistic and impressionistic. I might as well say that I have an ecclectic eye; that I see things that I want to share or remember; that I am a social critic, speaking from the perspective af an idealist.  All of which is true, but does not account for my proclivity for abstract compositions, or my feeling that I am letting go of how I began enough to begin to show some digital compositions.

I could also admit to being drawn to a potpourri of things that I have no category. 

I could be even more honest and say I do not like to be categorized.

So, how do I answer the question as to how to pigeonhole my work?  I don't.  At least I don't try to do it in one sentence.  I say that I do street photography, most of which is travel related, some no-represential images, and find myself attracted to a myrid of subjects.  I just try to share a moment, an experience, a feeling,and my reaction the the world as I stroll through it.

You can see my last formal attempt at an Artists Statement in the "Artist Information" section of my web site, www.jeffreyrbrosbe.com

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