Artist Statement

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Jeffrey R. Brosbe

Visually, my work is built around shape, light, and shadow. The essence of my images however are moments in time which, in their contemplation, communicate my personal response to the world which is sometimes a wry, ironic smile, at others awestruck, and sometimes in a realm between these poles. I strive to have my images succeed both on their surface and after deeper consideration.

I have written that the creation of an image is the same as the creation of a Haiku: It should be whole and meaningful in itself while providing greater insight when pondered further.


A Word about Titles

My name is not Adam, nor am I on any National Academy of Language. I do not like to put names on things. If possible I would simply call each image Untitled #1, #2, and so on.

However, as I discovered when exhibiting the first images from my BARK series (aka, ARBORIAL ABSTRACTS), and later with my URBAN REFLECTIONS series, people want to know a name. I am not good at this because I tend to either state the obvious or allude, often too obliquely, to what attracted me to the image.

So, do not let any title be a required element of my work. Just use the title, as I do, as a necessary way of knowing a patron and I are discussing the same image; and to the rest of the world call it anything you wish.