The Artist as Businessman

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I belong to a couple of artist co-ops. As part of my responsibilities in one, I find myself in charge of the gallery today. Foremost, that means I am the "salesperson" of the day. I am reminded why I dropped out of showing my work in street fairs, festivals, or such events. I do have friends who are wonderful salespeople, have the gift of gab, and are good businessmen. Not me. Actually, I should say: not me for my own work; because I am fine with another artist's work. Put me in that situation with my own work and I either do an excellent imitation of that non-anchorman suddenly put on the air in NETWORK; or I figuratively curl up into the fetal position moaning "love me, love my work, love me...". Most of my artists friends are the same way. In addition to having no concept of marketing, or any other aspect of business. We are happy if we can survive minor bookkeeping. It might be a right brain vs left brain thing. We have no problems when discussing our work, our intentions, our themes, or goals of our work with other artists. However, put us in a public setting and we become tongue tied and spout word salads. I do know a very few artists who promote their work as easily as they breathe. More power to them, and I wish they could transfuse me with that gift. As for me, myself, and I we are all business-sales idiots. Why is it that we artists cannot express ourselves verbally? Even those of us who do representational work cannot. If you know the answer, left me know; not that I expect the "knowledge" to be the cure. Sorry, Freud.

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