A Word about Titles

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My name is not Adam, nor am I on any National Academy of Language. I do not like to put names on things. If possible I would simply call each image Untitled #1, #2, and so on.

However, as I discovered when exhibiting the first images from my BARK series (aka, ARBORIAL ABSTRACTS), and later with my URBAN REFLECTIONS series, people want a name, and I am not (insert adjective) enough to tell them NO, especially gallery owners who know that a good title can assist a sale almost as much as a good frame.. I am not good at this chore of titling because I tend to either state the obvious or allude, often too obliquely, to what attracted me to the image.

So, do not let any title be a required element of my work.Just use the title, as I do, as a necessary way of knowing a patron and I are discussing the same image; and to the rest of the world call it anything they wish.

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