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So much of my photography is travel or Street Photography that I am far more likely to be attracted to some light, shape, face, or moment that I need to quickly compose and capture before it is gone; than to have the time to compose in reality the image I am visualizing. Yes, I did say compose, because I still cannot look through a lens without composing in the camera. Even in a "grab" or "drive by shooting" situation, I am trying to compose in camera the old fashioned film way.

But sometimes, some wonderful times, I am in a situation where I can plan on the same light the next day or better light at another time to which I can return. I can take the time to translate the vision I have in my mind into reality.

Once a year, during November, the largest animal fair in Asia comes to the village of Sonepur, India located where the sacred Ganges and Gandak rivers converge. It is considered a holy site by the Hindus, often being referred to the second Vananassi. During the full moon it is considered extremely auspicious to perform a puja here and bring water from the Ganges to Shiva in the Harihar Nath temple. This is when this village of less than 20,000 grows by 300-400,000 celebrants. This link will take you 2 more information:

This wonderful festival provided me with one of those great opportunities where I could plan an image.

The festival lasts for a fortnight and people come from hundreds of miles around to bathe in the river and perform the puja. Near the area where elephants are being sold there is a large section which is used as a temporary campground. One afternoon, as I was wondering around the section, almost overwhelmed by vibrancy of the life, the colors, and the energy, I made a left hand turn and there it was. Light. Golden afternoon light streaming through the trees. I had to have it. I hastily took a few dozen, and headed towards the gurus’fire where the light was streaming through the smoke. On the way I made note of the time.

Later that evening I thought about that light and what it could help me convey.

This link will take you to the result which I created the following afternoon. I absolutely love capturing moments such as this.

A final note: the light which is creating those angels’ halos was not part of the conception I had, just a bonus from my muse.

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